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Halloween Mixer Bottle Box

Halloween Mixer Bottle Box

A selection of Halloween cocktails in our beautiful glass mixer style bottles. Each case includes an equal split of these beautifully fresh, themed cocktails:

Spooktacular Sour
A devilishly good mix of Gin with a dash of Absinthe, shaken firmly with bramley apple, cold pressed mixed citrus, and fresh root ginger.


Vampire blood cooler
As cold as a vampires soul, blood orange liqueur and vodka combine as the base to freshly squeezed blood orange juice, cold pressed lime and clove cordial.


Witches brew
No eye of newt in this one! Instead a concoction of smoked tea, Rum, blackberry, fresh citrus, and winter spice cordial.

From £5.25 per cocktail - including custom labels, specified day delivery, and straws

 ABV 10%
Bottle Size 200ml
Alcoholic units per serve * 2
Allergens present None
Shelf life from delivery 14 days

* As a comparison, a glass of champagne tends to have 1.5 units.

Feeling creative?

We have a full range of professionally mixed cocktails and customisable labels available. Pick and personalise your own unique combination on our cocktails page

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